What we could benefit from a Lighting Fair?
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   Since our company has been established, I don't remember how many times we have participated in the exhibition, so? Of course we will not miss " the Suzhou energy saving and environmental protection technology products exhibition. Well, some of you may ask "Is it useful for us to spend much on participating in a lighting fair"? As we have done that and benefited a lot then we say " Yes" without any hesitation.
    contact with customers directly
We have access to qualified customers in the exhibition, the follow-up work will be less,and  customers don't need to spend time and talk about a number of product details and audit our factory.
    Competitive advantage
The exhibition provided the stage for the competition by highly trained sales staff, positive pre-show, exhibition promotion, attractive booth design, and rigorous follow-up, the company's competitiveness can be improved. Visitors can take advantage of this opportunity to compare the various exhibitors. Therefore, the strength of the competitiveness will be the emergence of exhibitors.
   Save time
In limited 3-4 days, the number of exhibitors exposed to potential customers can be more than three months of contact with the sales staff. Face to face with potential customers at this time will be a means to quickly build customer relationships.
  Teach customers to use the product
Sales staff to show customers the opportunity to use the performance of the product is not much, then the exhibition will be a good place for the potential customers to test products.
   Competitive analysis
Exhibition site provides opportunities to study the competitive situation. Here, the information about the product, price and marketing strategy of the competitors, the exhibitors can learn a lot by observing and listening.
   Complete the market survey
The exhibition provides an opportunity for market research. If the exhibitors are considering launching a new product or a new service, they will be able to investigate and understand their needs for price, function and service in the exhibition.
   Of course, the exhibition is not only good for manufacturers but also overseas buyers, they come to our booth is not for fun or see how China looks like. Here let's show what does Mr. Jeff think of.
  Mr. Jeff is focus on the project in Australia, purchasing frequency is not particularly frequent, he told us he  prefers to suppliers and to communicate face to face to understand their company and their products, which may mainly rely on this exhibition. He doesn't like some platforms like Alibaba, the Globalmarket to find  products, and then to filter products,  it will waste a lot of his time. Actually we haven't been on business before,What attracted him is that he saw our exhibited products(downlight, track lights, panel lights), so he stopped and then walked into our booth to learn more about our company, our products. And when he saw the wall pasting SAA and C-Tick certificate, he knows that we are destined to become one, because we are willing to pay big bucks to do their national certification, our products may have sold well in their markets. Honestly speaking, our downlight, especially with the lamp, and rail lamp, have settled in major shopping malls in Australia already. We showed him the test instrument, product performance guide lamp and method of use, he knew we are professional supplier. For the booth space is limited, we have some products do not have to show, Jeff said he'd like to go back with us to visit our  factory. 
  The Exhibition it's not only beneficial for suppliers but also buyers,so? There is no reason to participate in.

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