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The global trend of green lighting guide
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Although the lighting industry in the entire economic structure is only a very small proportion, but the cause of environmental protection has played an important role. 20% of the world's electricity consumption in lighting on, of which 40% of the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs Electricity is consumed. Light-emitting volume in the same circumstances, not only energy-efficient than incandescent lights 75% -80% energy saving, and life has reached 10 times the latter. If the world were replaced old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, they can reduce emissions of carbon dioxide a year through energy conservation, such as 700 million tons of greenhouse gases. 

Therefore, the green lighting has become an important topic in today's world. Has just ended in the 2007 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, the specialized exhibition organizer will not only think of a piece of "green lighting booth" to display the latest environmentally friendly lighting technology, also organized around three themes of Green Lighting Technology seminar. 

Dimmable energy-saving lamps is the future trend 

Environmental issues in the background, the energy crisis, carbon dioxide emissions, global warming, pollution of land have become the world political and economic structure factor. In recent years, the European Union, Australia, the United States, Canada have legislation to promote the development of environmental protection, which include one that is in full within a specified time limit or conditions on the use of incandescent bulbs. 

At present, the more mature alternative to incandescent bulbs of the product is energy-saving lamps. In recent years, the technical development of energy-saving lamps with amazing speed, and many can not be used to be that technology, now one by one has been able to achieve, which is expected is the linear energy-saving lamp dimming technology. 

MEGAMAN is one of our most popular brands of energy-saving lamps, and its senior marketing manager in Hong Kong and is the current伍孝Lighting Fair Hong Kong guest speakers at the seminars.伍孝and believe that the traditional energy-saving lamps eyesores created a shape, size large, color, single flashing light source, such as lack of enough light. If more than the number of switches, energy-saving lamps will also reduce the actual life. 

At present, conventional dimmable energy-saving lamps must be installed on top of a particular electronic ballast, the structure of the complex, costly. 

But the latest technological invention, so that a common energy-saving lamps can also have the effect of dimming. The latest energy saving dimmable light is dimming light bulbs embedded in the device does not need to install additional devices, the control switch alone can achieve the effect of dimming. 

In practice, this new type of dimmable energy-saving lamps, with a lot of advantages. Users can adjust the needs of different occasions, different brightness, in order to create the right atmosphere. For example, elevator, who are able to increase the brightness of the lights in order to achieve the effect of lighting, and the night time, you can bring brightness to a minimum in order to achieve the effect of energy conservation. " 

LED technology is developing rapidly 

Timon Rupp German LED market in Asia for more than 10 years of experience, the incumbent OSRAM LED marketing director for Asia. Timon has innovative programs in place of the conventional LED light source, and now his primary goal is the general lighting market in Asia, established in solid-state LED lighting systems technology programs. Speaking as one, Timon that although development is down from the LED chip and packaging to the LED emitter integrated chain of steady progress, but there are still a lot of technical issues need to be resolved. 

Timon said that in the past, due to technical limitations, LED is the role of decoration, but in the future will be as a LED light source applications, and will gradually replace the traditional light sources. LED light of the latest traditional sodium, metal halide lamp, energy-saving lamps such as the merits of the various light sources with high optical efficiency, energy consumption, long life, security and so on. More importantly, the LED inside the non-mercury and lead, and waste will not pose a hazard to the environment is a very good light green. 

From Indonesia, in the lighting industry has 27 years experience of the Indonesian Chinese Nam has taken on the LED reservations. Nam tracking LED technology has been there 5 years, in his view, the current LED is a light signal, not a pure sense of the source. In terms of stability or in the lighting effect, LED light source is also not a substitute for the traditional, so the most can be used in outdoor decorative lighting above. 

Wary of China into a "green lighting" errors 

This light show Another guest speaker, Department of Electronic Engineering, City University of Hong Kong Professor徐树源made "to quote a review of energy-efficient lighting and environmental issues" topic. Professor Xu reminded that China is now in a "green lighting misunderstanding." 

Professor Xu said China's lighting industry "green lighting" over-emphasis on the concept of energy-saving applications, the neglect of end-of-life products caused by the lighting environment. In fact, the energy just to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but the end-of-life lighting products of the environmental hazards caused by the greenhouse effect is far greater than the harm. 

According to Greenpeace estimates that worldwide production of electronic products each year from 2000 to about 50 million tons, while the end-of-life after the vast majority of e-waste are exported to developing countries, of which 70% was transported to China. There are three main types of e-waste, computers, batteries and lighting products. 

These e-waste on the environment caused by a very big pollution. An electronic energy-saving lamps can only use two years, but the toxic chemicals inside the component, such as mercury and lead, it will pollute the environment for thousands of years. "Does not mean that energy-saving 'green', unless we can reduce e-waste and emissions of toxic chemicals." 

Professor Xu recommend the use of separate tubes and energy-saving lamp ballast, and the use of 30-year life of the magnetic ballast. So ballasts can be recycled and are effective in reducing e-waste emissions. Professor Xu also called for the legislature to develop legislation to encourage the use of magnetic ballasts, and the Government should attach importance to the establishment of e-waste handling facilities for green lighting a real "green."


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