The great first day in 21st Guangzhou International Lighting Fair
Date: 2016-06-09 22:33:22 Hits: 10240

    Today is the first day of in the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, according to previous experience , I guess the guests may be less than the next few days. And there may willbe more domestic guest in the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair such as sales from Trading company or engineers who's focus on project.


    However, the fact is not the case, there are more and more guests coming after 10:30, no matter the domestic or overseas buyers, they are shuttling in the booth aisle and looking around the exhibits. You may find some exhibitors in the corridor handle some catalogs with the name cards, and try to guide the guests into their booth; you can also see the aisle of the guests stopped and look around, sometimes speed up the pace tp go ahead.


    The first to come to our booth is Paolo and Ricardo, two young handsome guys from Italy, mainly do the led lighting project took a great interests in the display of street lamps, especially the GMX series exhibited on the left of the booth. Well, regard as this street light, I'd like to share something with all of you: Firstly, this street is our self-mold products, we can make it with a whole series from the smallest 20W to 120W, which has met the needs of different applications, I believe this is what other manufacturers can not do.Secondly, with the ADC12 for Germany's environmental protection aluminum, UV-resistant outdoor powder, thermal conductivity up to 3.0 thermal grease, and the reflective coefficient up to 98% of the reflectors, which has led a super brightness and excellent heat dissipation. What's more, our Isolated driver with high power factor up to 0.95 and and anti-lightning surge-resistant performance up to 10KV attracted many engineers who is focus on project. When we open the computer to show producing pictures, IES file we tested and a series of testing equipment to Paolo, he smiled, thumbed up and said "Professional". A short sentence, but expressed his great interest in our products and high approval of our company.


    After that  Paolo told us some of their projects and  positioning in the market, then we know that they not only do Italian market but also some neighboring countries. Actually they have done a few street light projects before, Paolo said that he was very interested in our street lamps and if we don't mind he want to be our exclusive distributor in Italy, he was confident to sell our lights to more markets and make it illuminate more wider area. He said after the fair he'd like to visit our factory and take some photos to show his customer that how could we be "promotional" . For time is not permitted, Paolo told us he had to go to his inherent suppliers' booth and follow up on an order. Before they left we have taken pictures, ah...you can see how nice the Paolo and Ricart are, I believe we can become a long-term partners in the near future.


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