The reason why our solar street light is so popular in 2016 HK Fair(Spring)
Date: 2016-04-10 17:48:12 Hits: 10365

    2016 HongKong Fair( Spring) came to an end successfully. Generally speaking, everything gone smoothly there, especially our unique patented model products --- solar street lights, it has attracted many customers from Europe, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia , HongKong, China(mainland) and etc, which is out of our expectation.

     We were graceful for all customers who took great interests in our solar street light, and we wish more and more customers will be benefit from our solar street light in the near future. Well, but the reason why that our solar street light is so popular in the HongKong Fair? Pls check my idea as below: 

      Firstly, Our patented solar street light could work normally and continuously for about 30 days, even the rainy days for our unique controller and Germany formula battery, which has attracted the majority of customers’ concern. While the normal solar street light in the markets can just only work about 3-5 raining days.


       Secondly, When till the middle night, there is less people and cars, the brightness of normal solar street light  sold in the market now just reduce suddenly from 100% to 60%, even 30% to save energy or guarantee working continuously, which is easy to cause security risk for the vehicle. But our patented one can avoid it for its brightness reduce gradually, which you may can not noticed it.


      In addition, our patented unique controller has solved the problem of over-charging and over-discharging to extend the lifespan of the battery, this is the reason why our solar street light could guarantee 3-5 years warranty, even longer.


      Finally, now we have make it in a series with power from 20W to 120W, and match with lithium&gel battery, poly&mono solar panel, which has met different applications.


     You know what? The solar street light is a one-time investment compared with the led street light on purchasing cost, we can benefit a lot from the Inexhaustible solar energy, I believe that solar street light will be the trend in the near future.

      Note: More information about our solar street light, pls click the "download" button.


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