Rebecca Smith 1, and Hui-Ming Yu 2 translation1. "The Wall Street Journal" reporter stations in Los Angeles, Los Angeles 90001;2. U.S. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in Beijing, Beijing 100022And the rapid construction of several new power stations 10 to increase the generating capacity compared to a reduction in elect…
Although the lighting industry in the entire economic structure is only a very small proportion, but the cause of environmental protection has played an important role. 20% of the world's electricity consumption in lighting on, of which 40% of the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs Electricity is consumed. Light-emitting volume in the s…
Since our company has been established, I don't remember how many times we have participated in the exhibition, so? Of course we will not miss " the Suzhou energy saving and environmental protection technology products exhibition. Well, some of you may ask "Is it useful for us to spend much on participating in a lighting fair&q…

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